• Launch service began on may 30. Launch service will be 9am to 5pm on weekends (including Fridays) through the end of June. We anticipate adding daily launch service beginning on or around June 29. Please adhere to the posted procedures for launch service regarding face masks, social distancing and hand sanitizing. As always, the steward on duty has the final say when operating the launch.

• We have installed two wash stations on the dock just outside the clubhouse for hand washing and sanitizing as the bathrooms remain closed until further notice. There are also hand sanitizer dispensers on each finger dock for your convenience.

• If you use a club dinghy, it must be returned immediately and not left on a mooring. Additionally, it must be wiped down and sanitized after each use.

• The wharf is finally completed, and those that paid for lightning or 420 boat storage on the wharf may now bring their boats down to the wharf.

We  appreciate everyone’s cooperation with the rules and procedures the board has put in place during this challenging time with covid-19. See you on the water soon!