420 Race Team

Prerequisites: For sailors who have completed 420 Foundations and have an interest in racing.

Membership Discount: The membership discount will be applied to prices below once you are logged in and you reach the payment page.

$1,905 for 4-Week Program
June 28 – July 23  OR  July 26 – August 20

$3,175 for 8-Week Program
June 28 – August 20

+$200 for Non-Member, Junior Use Permit
+$150 for Club Boat Rental

Previously called PGJSA 420 & 420 Travel Team.

Prerequisites: 420 Foundations. Interest in racing. Placement in this class is subject to the Sailing Director's approval. Boat ownership is strongly encouraged, but not required.

Description: This class is limited to qualified and selected sailors who have completed 420 Foundations and have a desire to participate in regattas. Sailors will continue to develop their racing skills in classes and compete in local and regional regattas throughout the summer.

Schedule: Monday – Friday: 1:00 PM – 5:00 PM

Important note about the use of club-owned 420s for local regattas: When registering for this class, you are electing to rent the club-owned 420s for use during regularly scheduled class time. Please be advised that the club-owned 420s may not be available for local regatta use. The availability of club-owned 420s for local regattas will depend on enrollment in the morning 420 classes. We cannot lend out club boats if they are being used for a morning class. Thus, if a sailor wants to ensure that they will have access to a 420 to participate in all local regattas, boat ownership is strongly recommended. If you have a private 420 to share or would like to inquire about sharing a 420, please use this forum.

Junior Use Permit: This $200 fee is required for all non-members for use of the club. If you are a member, please log in to automatically receive discount.

Club Boat Rental: For use of a club-boat, an additional fee of $150 will be applied.

Private Boat Storage: This Will be billed after spaces are assigned.

More information about key program dates & class schedules can be found here.

Please have your child’s health insurance, doctor’s name, phone number, and your payment info ready before you begin.