Opti One-Week

Prerequisites: Sailing Director must have an approved slot in this program.

$445 for Program

+$200 for Non-Member, Junior Use Permit

Please ensure you have received approval from the sailing director before paying. 

Junior Use Permit: This $200 fee is required for all non-members for use of the club. If you are a member, please log in to automatically receive discount.

There are no club-owned Optimists. Each child enrolled in an Opti class must provide their own boat. If you own an optimist that you would like to rent/share with another sailor, you can use this forum. If you do not own an optimist and would like to find someone to rent/share with, please use this forum to connect with people and make arrangements.

More information about key program dates & class schedules can be found here.

Please have your child’s health insurance, doctor’s name, phone number, and your payment info ready before you begin.